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Fiction Writers Character Chart Revised!
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Writers' Bookshelf
COVER: Writer at Work
COVER:  HOW I WRITE by Janet Evanovich

Forest for the Trees: An Editors Advice to Writers
I read this several years ago and thought it was fantastic. Good advice and, surprisingly enough, very inspiring. Really kick starts the creativity.

How I Write: Secrets of a Bestselling Author
Janet Evanovich

I picked this up at a conference last summer and devoured it in one sitting. For anyone one who wants to know "how it's done". Excellent advice between these covers!

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Eclectic Writing Articles

Generic Manuscript Formattting
by Gordon Aalborg

The Perfect Query Letter
by Gail Eastwood

by Lori Handeland

by Lori Handeland

What is A Regency Romance

by Allison Lane

6 Ingredients to a Sensual
Romance Novel

by Patty Salier

Getting Published New!
by Rona Shanon

Proper Manuscript Format
by Rebecca Sinclair

How-To Write a Synopsis
by Rebecca Sinclair

Fiction Writers Character Chart (UPDATED! 10.22.10)
by Rebecca Sinclair
Detailed Character Chart


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