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December 2009
COVER: Writer at Work
COVER:  Fiction Writer's Brainstormer

Writer at Work: Reflections on the Art And Business of Writing
In fifty short, lively essays David Bouchier explores every aspect of the writing life  both practical and philosophical. The book is designed to inspire and entertain anyone who wants to write.

Oxford Dictionary of Quotations
Who said what, when and for what reason? If it's been said, written, shouted, exclaimed or moaned in a breathy sigh, you'll find it recorded here.
— Ellie Reasoner, Top 500 Reviewer


October 2007

COVER:  Stephen King:  On Writing

COVER:  Fiction Writer's Brainstormer

Writing Down the Bone
Open a vein and bleed on your pages. This wonderful book will show you how to pack a punch to your prose.

The Romance Writer's Handbook
Even non-romance writers will learn a thing or two from
this classic.


December 2006
COVER:  Stephen King:  On Writing

COVER:  Fiction Writer's Brainstormer

Stephen King: On Writing
An autobiographical book equally as intriguing as the writing life/style/tips King teachs on how to write ... and stay sane being a writer.

Fiction Writer's Brainstormer
Packed with useful advice, including well-thought-out excercises to masage an ailing muse.

December 2002
Techniques of the Selling Writer
COVER:  Facts in a Flash

Techniques of the Selling Writer
A must-have for every writer's bookshelf. Swain takes beginning and advanced writers through Chapter One to The End, imparting fantastic advice all the way.

Facts in a Flash
The ultimate source for quick referencing. This book provides instant information on where and how to access the facts (on- and offline) that make your writing work.

November 2002
Describers Dictionary

The Describers Dictionary
Ever found yourself grasping in vain for that ideal descriptive word, lost somewhere within the misty recesses of your vocabulary? Or felt frustrated that an oddly shaped structure or pretty setting you wished to portray in writing didn't quite translate clearly to paper?

The Random House Word Menu
Blends the functions of a thesaurus (offering a myriad of interesting ways to say the same thing) with those of a dictionary (defining most of its entries) thus assuring writing that is colorful and accurate.

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