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"Still the best deal in town as far as I'm concerned. Eclectics
continues to impress me with every new page that goes up!"

—Award-winning author, Lyn Stone

All Pages Include:

Custom designed "Author" pages including: 
  • Author Bio
  • Booklist
  • Fan E-Mail Link
  • Access Counter
Cover/Art scanning if required

Submission to major Web search engines 
  • 500+ Search Engines Including:
  • Google
  • Webcrawler
  • Alta-Vista
  • Yahoo
  • Meta-Crawler

"If you're looking for a Web site, do check with Reb. She's got a bang-up great site,
and is a fantastic webmaster. Eclectics is easy to access, and even easier
to navigate through. I wholeheartedly recommended her."

Martha Hix

Price List *
Effective August 1, 2010     

The Eclectics Special ~ $195*
  • 1 Page Author Site
  • 7 hours of dedicated design/build time
  • Author Bio
  • Booklist
  • Fan E-mail Link
  • Stock Illustrations/Graphics
  • Inclusion in The Eclectics Connection Newsletter
  • Optional inclusion in The Eclectics Writer

  • Access Counter
  • Cover Art Postcard Service
  • Rotating Banner (on main Eclectics pages)
  • New Releases & Appearances featured on our Blog
  • 5 Megs of Disk Space
  • 1 Email Forwarder (
  • First 3 Months Web Page Hosting Free


The Bestseller ~ $350*
Includes all features of the Eclectics Special, plus:
  • Up to 7 pages for your author site — perfect for showcasing excerpts and other viewer features
  • 12 hours of dedicated design/build time
  • Custom Graphics/Design
  • Guestbook for Fan Comments
  • Free contest set-up, on request contest management extra, ask your designer
  • 10 Megs of Disk Space
  • 3 POP Email Accounts (
  • Unlimited Email Forwarders
  • First 6 Months of Web Hosting Free
Warehousing ~ $100NEW - Twirl!

Minimumizing the pages you currently have:

  • Includes 2 static (never changed) pages
  • Setup of additional pages at price listed below

*Important Notes:

Prices quoted above are for "traditional" Eclectics-style HTML web sites. Browse our author pages to discover the wide variety of sites we've created for our many satisfied clients.

For authors who require larger sites than described and/or special features, please ask! We will be happy to provide an individual price quote to meet your needs.

Page Maintenance and Updates


Major Updates: (to feature a new release)

  • 1 book plus associated blurb, cover art, reviews, and excerpt -      $145
  • 2 books plus associated blurbs, cover art, reviews, and excerpts - $160
  • 3 books plus associated blurbs, cover art, reviews, and excerpts - $180
  • 4 books plus associated blurbs, cover art, reviews, and excerpts - $200


Mini/Monthly Updates: (journal entries, letters to readers, story serials, etc.)

  • More than a minor but less than a major! Our standard mini-update fee is $75 for 3 months of service. This is negotiable with your designer and depends upon the type and amount of work required. Talk to us...we'll work within your budget and we aim to please!


Minor Additions: (those small but important odds 'n ends to keep your site fresh)

  • Requests for addition of a review, quote, link, or contest are free of charge for a period of one year following a page launch or paid update. Changes in excess will be charged a $25 maintenance fee. (See "Extras" for additional information.)
Page Overhaul

This service involves a complete "makeover" of your existing page** including custom background, artwork, scans, etc., as well as a major update to feature your newest release(s).

  • 1 book -   $200
  • 2 books - $220
  • 3 books - $240
  • 4 books - $260

**Note: A Page Overhaul does NOT include changes to site navigation or site architecture. In other words, you keep the same "bones" but dress your Eclectics-designed site in a brand new outfit! :-) If you're looking for something completely different, please talk to us about a New Site Design. We'll be delighted to work with you to redevelop your web image.

Page / Site Warehousing NEW - Twirl!

This service involves making and hosting a static (doesn't get updated) author page or site. It consists of 2 pages total and minimal graphics (usually consisting of ones the page/site originally used).

  • Setup -   $100

Hosting Price per Year :

  • Page ( - $75
  • Site ( - $90
  • Extra pages setup - $25ea. (limit: 3)

**Note: This setup includes a variation of your current page/site. If you're looking for something completely different/new to be warehoused, please talk to us about a discount on a New Site Design. We'll be delighted to work with you to redevelop a static web presence you can be proud of!

Other Services

  • Message Board - $75 per year
  • Extra Page Set-up - $25 each (for pages above and beyond the 7 included in our "Bestseller")
  • Promotional Pack - $75 per year - This is for authors who opt for "do it yourself" or "hosted only" but still want to take advantage of the promotional perks included in our design/maintenance packages. Includes: your current book cover on our Postcard page, a banner (in rotation) on Eclectics non-author pages; inclusion in The Eclectics Connection Newsletter, The Eclectics Writer, and the Books at Eclectics Blog.
  • Photo Gallery photos - $7 each.
  • Book Videos - price negotiable. See videos by Candy on our Eclectics YouTube page or at Mac-C Designs. We also HIGHLY recommend Circle of Seven Productions.
Additional Information
  • Changes in excess (a large amount of changes or continual changes being asked daily) will be charged a minimum of $25 maintenance fee.
  • Custom work and rates for special projects and/or requirements can be negotiated with your designer.
Author Page Hosting Fees ( 
  • Author Page Hosting 1 month -   $20
  • Author Page Hosting 3 months - $55
  • Author Page Hosting 6 months - $95
  • Author Page Hosting 1 year -    $160
Domain Name Hosting Fees ( 
  • Domain Name Hosting 1 month -     $27
  • Domain Name Hosting 3 months -   $75
  • Domain Name Hosting 6 months - $125
  • Domain Name Hosting 1 year -      $215

"Reb's skill at creating web pages is nothing short of amazing.
Her sites draw the attention and admiration of even the most jaded net surfers."
Victoria Alexander

~ Frequently Asked Questions ~
What is a Major Update?
A major update is a change to your existing page consisting of adding a new cover graphic, new text (blurb, quotes, reviews, etc.), and any other information and/or graphics that feature the release of the new book.
Will my Page be Registered with Online Search Engines?
Yes. Each author page is registered with a minimum of 500 online search engines including Yahoo, Infoseek, Lycos — all of the larger search engines as well as with many smaller but excellent search engines. There is no additional charge for this service.
While Browsing through the Eclectics Site, I Noticed Banners for Eclectics Authors Featured on Eclectics Writing Pages. Do I get a Banner and, if so, Do I have to Pay Extra for It?*
Each Eclectics Author is provided with a unique banner which runs on a continuing, rotating basis on all writing-exclusive areas of the Eclectics Site ( banners do not appear on Eclectics Author pages). The purpose of these banners is to encourage viewers who visit Eclectics exclusively for the writing-oriented information to stop by some Eclectics Author pages while they are visiting the site. Banners are one of the unadvertised "perks" offered to Eclectics Authors just for being an Eclectics Author*. There is not and never will be a charge for banners or any other "perk"; they are provided free of charge as a way of enticing more viewers to visit Eclectics Author pages. *Do-it-yourself or "hosted only" clients may opt in to a promotional perks package for a nominal fee. See Other Services.
What are Postcards and Do I have to Pay Extra for this feature?
Every time an Eclectics Author requests an update for a new book, the new cover is uploaded to the Postcard page and is made available to anyone who wishes to send a postcard. The postcard service can be used by the Eclectics Author to announce the release of the new book or by readers to share news of a great book with their friends. Like the banners, postcards are part of the unadvertised "perks" offered to Eclectics Authors just for being an Eclectics Author. There is not and never will be a charge for these postcards or any other "perk"; all are provided free of charge as a way of enticing more viewers to visit Eclectics Author pages.
Are there any "Extra" charges I need to be aware of?
The prices outlined above for Original Site Setup, Major Updates, and Page Overhauls all include minor additions (review, quote, link, or contest) and/or corrections, as required, at no extra charge for a period of one year following page launch or paid update.

Authors who have not requested a paid site update or overhaul within the 12 months preceding a request for minor update or contest setup, will be asked to pay a $25 maintenance fee. (Note: This is not an across-the-board maintenance fee. If your site does not require updating and you have no need for minor update additions or contest setup, then no maintenance fee will ever be charged, no matter how long the period between updates.)

There is only one other instance where an extra fee of $25 would be applicable, and that is if minor changes are requested in excess. By "in excess" we mean requests for minor changes several times a week for a prolonged period of time. (NOTE: To date, there has been no need for this extra fee to be charged to an Eclectics Author, but we reserve the right to get paid for our work.)

Eclectics InterNetWorks Policy:
We do not believe in over-charging our clients, charging for work we do not do, or in nickel-and-diming our clients to death. Unlike many other Web Design Services, all of our prices are stated up front in an easy-to-understand manner — at no time are any "hidden charges" sprung on clients.

Professional and/or Character References:
If you are considering hiring Eclectics to design and/or host your site or page and would feel more comfortable having either a personal or professional reference, we encourage you to contact any of our current clients. A list of Eclectics Authors can be found on the Eclectics Authors Page. URLs and contact email address for business sites Eclectics has designed and housed will be furnished upon request.

Please feel free to inquire of present clients as to why they made the decision to have their pages designed by Eclectics, as well as whether or not they are happy with the service received!

Contact Information

~ The Eclectics Design Team ~

Reb L Designs Logo
Karen's Web Works
Rebecca Sinclair - Email:
webmaster at eclectics dot com
Willa Cline - Email:
willa at eclectics dot com
Karen Hankins - Email:
karenh at eclectics dot com
Karen McCullough - Email:
karenmcc at eclectics dot com

Eclectics Staff Email Addresses:

  • Reb Sinclair: webmaster at eclectics dot com
  • Willa Cline: willa at
  • Karen Hankins: karenh at
  • Karen McCullough: karenmcc at
  • Reb,Willa, KarenH and KarenMcC:   info at eclectics dot com    or    support at eclectics dot com

Prices for the design or re-design of non-author Web Pages or group Sites are quoted on an individual basis and calculated by the number of pages, complexity of design, and frequency of maintenance required. For a quote, send us an email (addresses above).

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